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Is This Autism?

Are you curious about autism? Our books are for healthcare professionals, educators, family members, autistic individuals, and anyone who wants to better understand what it means to be autistic. Written by Donna Henderson, PsyD, Sarah Wayland, PhD & Jamell White, PhD, LCSW-C – the first book is A guide for clinicians and everyone else and the second book is A companion guide for diagnosing.

Is Your Child...

  • Unable to keep up with school work?
  • Having trouble behaving appropriately?
  • Diagnosed with ADHD, autism, or a learning disability?

Do you need help coordinating your child’s care & education?

Does Your Child...

  • Have trouble regulating emotions?
  • Have difficulty relating to others?
  • Struggle with flexibility and independence?

Are you unsure how to best support and teach your child?

Have You...

  • Been unable to soothe your child?
  • Given up on a calm life?
  • Worried that your child is different from other kids?

Do you want to guide your child to function more effectively?

Exceptional parents know it can take a lot to parent these kids.

You want to be an exceptional parent, but life has thrown you a curveball that overwhelms your instincts and know-how. That’s okay! You just need the right tools. I support families in three unique ways:

Coaching • Navigating • Guiding

Which one is right for you?

Neurodivergent Care Navigation ~ Helping parents figure out what supports to put in place and helping them navigate medical, educational, and community-based systems to access those supports.


Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) ~ Coaching parents of kids with social communication challenges and autism to teach their kids the skills that make relationships (and life!) work.


Parent Coaching ~ Working with parents to brainstorm challenging situations and behavioral issues so they can put effective supports in place and teach their kids essential skills.

Why My Logo Matters to You

A circle of support: The teal circle represents the people who are working together to support your child, viewed from above, holding hands.

A compass: Giving you the tools you need to effectively navigate.

A lotus: Representing peace and compassion.

“More questions about my son’s behaviors were clarified and explained in one hour with Dr. Wayland than in five years of therapy sessions.”

C.M., Bowie, MD